Studio Annoucements

This page is an online studio bulletin board where we post announcements meant for registered students, members and teachers. Studio closings, special classes and field trips, as well as other important communications will be posted here, so please make sure to check this page at least weekly, and share the messages with studio community!

12/18/17 – Unloading a bisque today, starting around 1pm. Will fire a glaze Wednesday night, so if you want to get pieces into this last fire of the term, please come in any time during open hours today or tomorrow to glaze.

12/18/17 – Please note--Thanks to Terrice our bisque shelf is now alphabetized. Please follow the new signage/filing system to find pieces...and make sure to follow it when returning pieces--yours or others' you've picked up. Thank you!!!!!!

11/6/17 – Just spoke with Brett. He'd like us to arrive at 10am for the raku firing.

11/2/17 Post-Raku Firing Potluck Dinner. At the end our day on 11/19 we will gather in the studio for a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share with everyone. If your dish needs to be kept cold please bring a  cooler or maybe it will be cold enough that day that we can just leave items in our cars. **Please feel free to join us even if you are not participating in the firing.**

10/17/17 – Those participating in the 11/19/17 raku firing should be working through their clay fairly quickly. I'll post a last bisque firing date as we approach the event day.

10/17/17 – Please Note: Beginning January 1st, 2018 there will be a $5 GLAZE DRIP GRINDING FEE assessed for each instance of your glaze dripping onto kiln shelves. To prevent glaze drips make sure to consult with your teachers regarding proper glazing techniques and pot cleaning.

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